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Tax & Accounting Services

At TaxAntics our aim is to help you through the UK Tax jungle as smoothly as possible. To do this we have created a range of services to help businesses and individuals with their accounting and taxation needs.

Tax Antics - Personal Tax ReturnsPersonal Taxation

Whether you are at work, rest or play, the likelihood is that tax is involved somewhere along the line and everyone should be aware of its impact on their lives.

Tax is complicated and mistakes can be expensive. At TaxAntics, we work hard to stay up to date with the constantly evolving legislation. We take that knowledge and combine it with our extensive experience to help you make informed decisions on how to achieve your goals tax efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if you are a PAYE employee who wants to make sure you’re not paying too much tax because of reliefs not automatically given or an entrepreneur with many income streams and capital gains considerations, we want to help you make sure you pay the right amount of tax.

If you are looking for tax return preparation, capital gains computations, advice on domicile, residency, or any other personal tax issues, we are here to help you.

We take the time to listen and strive to be the advisor to let you know “this is what you can do” instead of “this is what you should have done”.

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Tax Antics - Construction and PropertyProperty & Construction

Property investment is great right? You can touch and feel it. Bricks and mortar are a “no brainer” safe investment. Not always! However, average house prices did rise by over 50% in the decade following the global downturn of 2009. Getting property investment and development right can be very lucrative. However, if the structure is not right, the finance arrangements volatile or unexpected issues arises, then a lot of money and/or time can be lost…. fast.

The team at TaxAntics have been advising on complex land and property transactions for over a decade now. Typically helping our clients get the set up right from the outset or assisting tax efficiently steer a path through changes in tax legislation or a natural development in the business, our focus is on listening to your aims and making appropriate suggestions. We can also support any of the accounting, VAT and CIS requirements of any property business.

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Business Tax - Tax AnticsBusiness Tax

Running a business is hard work! It can also be rewarding when you sleep well at night knowing that all your compliance and statutory reporting obligations are looked after.

 At TaxAntics, we do not believe you should just rely on your accountants and/or tax advisors to sort out your filing requirements and tax liabilities at the end of each chargeable period when there is so much more that could be provided.

We want to give you the tools to understand your business at any point in time by utilising the latest software solutions and having regular contact with us without fear of an invoice whenever you pick up the phone.

Of course, we can also help you by providing all the standard services you would expect from any professional advisor to make sure your accounts, VAT, payroll and other business taxes are looked after.

TaxAntics have already become much more to many of our clients, providing strategic business advice, and connecting the right professionals from our wide contact base for human capital (HR), legal and business development requirements for example.  We have even helped one client get her boat fixed!!!

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Estate and succession planning

Tax Antics Estate and Succession

Mitigating present and future taxes while ensuring flexibility to cope with life’s unexpected surprises is key to making plans for retirement and passing assets onto future generations.

TaxAntics can help you utilise lifetime planning and available reliefs to formulate a flexible plan that will ensure that your goals are met.

Our aim is to, as a minimum, enable you to be aware of what options are available and when to start implementing lifetime planning to manage future milestones.

There are so many factors and influences that make lifetime planning a veritable minefield to steer through. We work with you to try to, as much as possible, anticipate potential changes in circumstances. Our aim is then to be able to provide workable solutions when those events do, as they inevitably will, arise.

Maintaining an eye on increases in asset value over time by using tracking and forecasting tools will help you keep to your goals.

We partner with many financial, pension, advisors, solicitors and other professionals in the estate planning market so that we are able to flexibly adapt our own service offering to help formulate your strategy.

If you need help with estate planning or preparing for retirement, the sale of a business (or a handing over of the reigns), then Contact us  now to discuss how we could help you.

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